Italian Food in Blarney

Established in 2017 as EATin’It (eat in Italy), this little restaurant/pizzeria quickly became the hidden gem of Blarney, offering the authentic Italian dishes that many have come to cherish. At its heart, family is the cornerstone of Amore Italiano. We don’t just serve meals; we welcome everyone into our extended family, ensuring each guest feels right at home. Our commitment to genuine hospitality means we strive to provide a true dining experience, where patrons can savor the rich flavors crafted by a genuine Italian chef.
In 2024 the name has been changed in Amore Italiano to spread the love we have for our country and our Italian food.

We are located in The Square in Blarney, close to the 215 bus stop, 300 metres from Blarney Castle

We look forward to welcoming you to Amore Italiano and sharing our love of Italian food with you. Come hungry and leave smiling, Buon Appetito!